A Windy Day on the Weber River

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Morning fly fishing is really the most practical time I have; it allows me to get a couple of hours in before work so I don’t have to feel guilty about leaving my family. But the morning can sure be tough (at least for me).

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Most of my morning fishing trips I spend on small Wasatch streams which hold small cutthroat. Those fish receive little pressure, so as long as you have a light weight rig and are accurate in your casting (small streams mean there are trees everywhere), you can get in to a few. This trip however, I wanted to try and get bigger fish on the end of the line, so I headed to the Weber River by the bottom of the canyon. I also set the goal this year to catch my first fish on a streamer, and so this trip was dedicated solely to streamer use. It was really the only thing I could have fished anyways.

Down sloping easterly winds can create some intense experiences especially at the mouth of canyons in Utah. These consistently strong winds even tilt the growth of the trees downward. This particular morning was no different, and any use of a dry fly was completely out of the question. At times the wind even blew my streamers dozens of feet from where I was aiming to land it. It was a great time, but ultimately my inaccuracy, inexperience with streamers, and the wind brought me a skunk. Check out the video of the trip below!



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